Active tourism in Almeria

The province of Almeria has made a great effort in recent years to publicize the countless sports options it offers to its visitors.

The enviable weather conditions, as well as the variety and quality of its landscapes, make Almeria a privileged tourist destination for sports, both in its magnificent sports facilities and its unbeatable outdoor spaces.

Unique landscapes in Europe

Almeria offers its visitors a great variety of landscapes, such as the volcanic landscapes of Cabo de Gata, the Tabernas desert (the only arid desert in Europe), the landscapes of the interior of the province, and the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

Almeria is the ideal place to enjoy active tourism. In this province, nature and sports lovers can enjoy the beach, the desert, the mountains, and even snow, depending on the time of year.
With all these features, it is easy to understand that the province of Almeria offers alternatives for the traveller throughout the year—alternatives that cannot be found elsewhere in Europe.

Many sports

The sports options offered by the province of Almeria are so varied that it is impossible to collect them all in one report. However, we will list the most outstanding activities.

4x4 routes

Adrenaline and motor lovers are in luck because, in the province of Almeria, you can find incredible 4x4 routes.

These 4x4 routes are abundant and allow one to enjoy a wide variety of terrain, full of flora and fauna.

In the Tabernas desert, one will find a unique desert landscape in Europe, as well as an authentic film set where countless movies have been shot.

In the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park, one will discover a volcanic landscape modelled over millions of years, with incredible beaches that are beloved by all who visit them.

And if we’re talking about 4x4, Taberno is a true benchmark worldwide. In this beautiful town of the Almanzora Valley, tests of the Spanish championship are held (such as the Baja Almanzora).

Mountain biking

For lovers of mountain biking, the routes that pass through the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada, the picturesque Alpujarra of Almeria, the spectacular Tabernas desert, or the virgin coves of the impressive Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park stand out. The routes are completely different from each other, but all of them allow you to get to know the province of Almeria through three of its main ecosystems: the mountains, the desert, and the coast.

Nor can we forget the routes that run along the greenways and conquer the most special corners of the province, passing through spectacular valleys full of life and colour.

Along the same route, it is possible to pass through the picturesque villages of the Alpujarra of Almeria, through the most forested mountain ranges of the province of Almeria, and through the most charming beaches on the European continent, such as, for example, the popular route that travels from the Alpujarra of Almeria to Cabo de Gata, passing through places such as Laujar de Andarax, Bentarique, and San Jose.


The possibilities that the province of Almeria offers in terms of water sports are endless.

The spectacular coast of Almeria, from Adra to Pulpi, is the ideal place to practice all kinds of water sports. This, together with the wonderful weather that the province of Almeria enjoys, is the perfect combination for practicing activities such as kayaking, windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddle surfing, sailing, diving, and many other offerings for which the Almeria coast is the perfect place.


There is no better way to discover the rugged coast of the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Park than in a kayak, in which one will be able to see parts of the coast that are inaccessible from land. One can visit unique caves that the waves have carved out of rock and enjoy small solitary coves. From the emblematic Sirens Reef to the Los Escullos fossil dunes, the landscapes that one can see from a kayak are spectacular.

Windsurfing, kitesurfing, and paddle surfing

Lovers of nautical sports will be able to enjoy unbeatable conditions for practicing such spectacular activities as windsurfing, kitesurfing, and paddle surfing, as well as other nautical sports such as sailing.

From Poniente to Levante, passing through Almeria city and Cabo de Gata, the impressive Almeria beaches are the ideal places to release adrenaline while enjoying these water sports.

On the Almeria coast, one can find numerous nautical schools where all visitors have a place, whatever their level, to learn or improve in the practice of these activities.

Scuba diving

Along the entire length of its coastline, the province of Almeria enjoys incredible seabeds that will delight diving enthusiasts.

The presence of Posidonia Oceanica meadows stands out, as it maintains excellent conservation conditions.

Tourists visiting the province of Almeria look for the biodiversity that these meadows provide, especially in the Poniente of Almeria, Cabo de Gata, and Villaricos, which is where the most extensive and best-preserved Posidonia Oceanica meadows are located.

The beauty and biodiversity of the Almeria coast make it one of the region’s main tourist attractions. This is well known to the thousands of diving enthusiasts who visit this beautiful province year after year.

Pure adrenaline

For the most daring travellers, the province of Almeria offers activities not suitable for all audiences.

If you are one of those who enjoy delving into the bowels of the earth, caving in Almeria is a great option. Highlights include the impressive Geode of Pulpi, an authentic treasure in the province of Almeria, considered to be the largest and best-preserved geode in Europe, and the Sorbas caves, a unique place in Europe where you can visit the largest plaster karst complex in Spain.

If you like heights, in Bayarcal you can enjoy the longest zip line in all of Andalusia. It is 620 meters long and has an average height of 102 meters. If you are looking for a real challenge, you cannot miss the bungee jumping from the “Cinco Ojos” bridge in Gador (37 meters).

Almeria winds are ideal for parachuting, ultralight, paratriking, paramotoring, and paragliding, which have become highly sought-after offers in the province of Almeria.

The instructors in these disciplines are perfectly qualified to deliver an exciting and safe experience, which can include a recording of your experience as well as fun photographs.


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