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Routes & Trails in Adra

Adra is the fourth oldest city in Spain and is an ideal place to explore centuries of history on foot. The city is reminiscent of the Roman and Muslim eras and, among other routes, offers a five-kilometer urban trail that begins and ends at the Puerta del Mar Square. This square is named after a wall that protected the city from maritime attacks in the 17th century.
The Via Ferrata Route has a more adventurous spirit, as it is a climbing path for which you will need a harness. Another, much easier way to see nature is the Water Route, where you can see the contrast between two landscape - on the one hand, cultivation plantations under plastic and on the other hand, the Mediterranean scrub ecosystem.
If you’re interested in history, you’ll want to take the Bolaños Route, which covers the old road to Tulon that the inhabitants traveled so that they could communicate and so that goods could be exchanged between the blacksmiths and the Malajis. It is long, so you will need to bring along food and water, as well as take the Guainos Route, where you will see vestiges of mills and beautiful architectural ruins. There are also the Mills Route and the Sugar Factories Route, where cane cultivation was introduced by the Muslims on the coast of Granada in the 9th century.
The 3 Lighthouses Route and the Manor Houses Route bring us closer to a very rich past, allowing us to see structures that transport us to other times. The Route of Religious Tourism and the Route of the Towers complete this range of options that Adra offers to us.

Bolaños Route

PR-A 340
Distance:: 18.3 km
Type: Circular way

Guainos Route

PR-A 341
Distance: 18.8 km
Type: Circular way

Via Ferrata Route

Distance: 145 m
Difficulty: K2
Time: 40 min


Urban trail

SL-A 85
Distance: 5.1 km
Type: Circular way


Water Route


Sugar Factories Route


Manor Houses Route


Mills Route


3 Lighthouses Route


Religious Tourism Route


Towers Route