Anti-aircraft shelters (Adra - Almeria)

Anti-aircraft shelters (Adra)

Adra has several air raid shelters from the Spanish Civil War (1936-39). The main one is located under the Old Square. It was used as a defensive strategy for protection of the civilians of the municipality after the aerial bombings that took place on 8 February 1937. This was just one day before the fall of Malaga. Adra was under the mandate of the Republican Popular Front during the armed conflict, and its local leaders instigated the building of these shelters after the bombing.

These were built under the Old Square in a gallery excavated in the slate rock and were constructed in the form of a U shape, with two entrances. For the first few metres, the tunnel was lower and more narrow, to minimise the risk of shock waves and shrapnel reaching the refugees in an explosion. The population stopped going to them because of poor hygiene and overcrowding fears.

These are 4 km long and have an operating room as well as the capacity to house more than 40,000 inhabitants of the city.

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