Saint Andrew lead smelting factory (Adra - Almeria)

St. Andrew factory (Adra)

The Saint Andrew lead smelting factory in Adra was built in 1822 by Casa Rein & Cia: a pioneer industrial complex covering 4 hectares. This was the point of shipment of lead to the European market and was the nucleus of large scale industrial activity since the exploitation of metal deposits in the Sierra de Gador began in the 1920s.

In the following years, English coal burning furnaces were installed (1824). In 1837 Manuel Agustin Heredia, a metallurgical entrepreneur, acquired the complex due to a fall in the price of lead. He introduced the most advanced technology to the operation and expanded production with bullets, lead, aluminium and the subsequent processing of silver.

At present, the Perdigones Tower, the Fabriquilla del Vinagre, part of the smoke condensation chamber and the Smoke Tower are preserved.

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