Sugar factory in Adra

The sugar factory in Adra is one of the most precious industrial remains of the city and its construction dates back to 1909. This was when the Azucarera de Adra, a cooperative formed by owners and farmers of the area, was created after the closure of the San Nicolas sugar factory at a time when sugar production was an essential element in the economy of the area.

The factory was in operation until 1973, when it was closed due to a shortage of sugar cane in the area and a lack of beet supplies. Thirteen years later in 1986, the roof of the central nave collapsed and part of the main façade fell in.

In 2003, the Municipal Corporation approved a restoration of the factory and the Alcoholera building to set up a business centre, together with the "Jose Oliva IV" Workshop School. The objective of this restoration and rehabilitation is an example of conservation and the search for a new use for this structure.

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