Mill of the Place Museum (Adra - Almeria)

Mill of the Place Museum (Adra)

The Mill of the Place Museum houses the ethnographic section of the Adra Museum, as well as the Cereal Cycle and several trades after being refurbished by the “Jose Oliva V” Workshop School.

The mill originally worked to grind wheat in abundance, and before its closure in the 1970s, it worked with electric power to grind corn. Its initial location was at the foot of the Montecristo Hill and belonged to Mª Teresa Gnecco Costa in 1752.
Known as the Mill of the Villa, Montecristo or The Place, it suffered the effects of a flood in 1762, and in the 19th century, it was destroyed by another flood. For this reason, the ruler of Motril and his wife: Agustin Moreno and Manuela del Trell, built the current mill to protect it from floods and its construction began in 1814. However, it could not be used until 1817 since Moreno's brother, Pedro Angel de Trell, filed a lawsuit against his brother alleging that the ditch and the arch through which the waters passed were erected on his property. This was later resolved through a friendly agreement.

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