Fisheries Interpretation Centre (Adra - Almeria)

Fisheries Interpretation Centre (Adra)

The Fisheries Interpretation Centre of Adra features displays in its various rooms that record the seafaring tradition of Adra.

The exhibition shows pieces from its origins, passing through its Phoenician past that features net fishing boats, as well as the Greek and Roman eras of fishing. There is also representation of the traditional canning industry with the first productions of garum sauce that is based on macerated fish offal.
Other rooms show the evolution of traditional rowing and sailing fishing boats from the Phoenician period, and the current “traiña” artisanal fishing, as well as the commercial endeavours that support Abdera, with fishing activity being the main economic activity: mainly the salting factories. These industries were extended during the Byzantine, Visigoth, and Arab periods, and through to modern times.

In addition, there is a space reserved for the patroness saint of the sailors of Adra: the Virgin of the Sea, and also the patroness saint of all sailors: the Virgin of Carmen, installed by the Fishermen's Association in 1959.

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