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Almería - What to visit

What to visit


The most important attractions of Almeria are its beaches, which you can see in detail in the beaches section, but if you also want to know more about the city of Almeria, we recommend that you make the following visits:

  Muslim Almeria

The Alcazaba

The Alcazaba (Almeria)
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Wall of Jayran and Cerro de San Cristobal (Almeria)
Also on the hill, which has stunning views of the city, is the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, made from Macael marble in 1930.
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Purchena Gate

Purchena Gate (Almeria)
There are numerous points of interest accessible from this emblematic city square: the Arabic Wells, the Butterfly House, the street of shops and the Civil War Shelters.
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Arabic Wells

Arabic Wells (Almeria)
During his reign, Jayran (1012-1028) ordered the construction of the water system in Almeria, and it is now traditionally known as the Jayran Wells.

The volume of water stored at that time was 630,000 liters; enough to supply the city in a long siege, since it also had wells to supply the operation of ferris wheels and ditches.
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  Christian Almeria

Cathedral of Almeria

Cathedral of Almeria
Building of the cathedral began in 1524, after the earthquake that destroyed the first cathedral in 1522, which was located at the Old Main Mosque in Medina.

Its main characteristic is that of being a cathedral-fortress, because it was built both for religious worship and as a refuge for the population against the attacks of Berber pirates.
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The "Puras" Convent Church

“Las Puras” Convent Church (Almeria)
It is the oldest convent in Almeria (built in 1515) and represents one of the most important artistic constructions in the city, declared as a “Cultural Interest” in 1982.

Of the edification stands out the church, the cloister and the access zone with a 19th century cover.
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The “Claras” Convent Church

“Las Claras” Convent Church (Almeria)
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St. John Church

St. John Church (Almeria)
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St. Peter's Church

St. Peter's Church (Almeria)
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Santiago Church

Santiago Church (Almeria)
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St. Sebastian Church

St. Sebastian Church (Almeria)
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Provincial Hospital

Provincial Hospital (Almeria)
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Virgin of the Sea Church

Virgin of the Sea Church (Almeria)
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  Contemporary Almeria

Constitution Square

Constitution Square (Almeria)
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School of Arts and Crafts

School of Arts and Crafts (Almeria)
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Bendicho Square

Bendicho Square (Almeria)
In the center of the square is the bust of the poet Celia Viñas, who worked as a teacher in Almeria during the postwar years, enriching the literary work of Almeria.
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Nicolas Salmeron Park

Nicolas Salmeron Park (Almeria)
In Nicolas Salmeron Park is the Marina Square, which serves as a separation between the Old Park (to the west) of the 19th century and the New Park built in 1940, in honor of the President of the First Republic, D. Nicolas Salmeron, who was born in Alhama de Almeria.

The Park was completely restored in the last years of the 20th century.
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The “Paseo” of Almeria

The “Paseo” of Almeria
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Bullring (Almeria)
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The English Cable

The English Cable (Almeria)
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Train Station

Train Station (Almeria)
The birth of the railroad in Almeria is essentially linked to the extraction of iron ore from the mountains of the interior.

The old central building of the station is a beautiful example of the iron architecture; characteristic of the industrial and functional buildings of the second half of the 19th century.
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Central Market

Central Market (Almeria)
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Archeological Museum

Archeological Museum (Almeria)
The Archaeological Museum is located in a recently reconstructed modern building, which houses interesting collections of valuable works from prehistory to the Muslim period.

This museum was awarded the European Museum of the Year award in 2008, and inside it, in addition to the continuous exhibition, other activities such as conferences, traveling exhibitions and festivals are carried out.
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Heritage Interpretation Center

Heritage Interpretation Center (Almeria)
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Andalusian Center of Photography (Almeria)
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Shelters of the Spanish Civil War (Almeria)
Currently they have recreated various spaces: a storeroom, a private shelter, an operating room, etc. At present they are the largest shelters in Europe that are open to the public.
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The Cinema House

The Cinema House (Almeria)
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Spanish Guitar Museum

Spanish Guitar Museum (Almeria)
The Spanish Guitar Museum "Antonio de Torres", who is considered the father of the contemporary guitar, is a center for exhibitions and information on one of the most popular musical instruments in the world: the guitar.

It is located in the historic center of Almeria and has three spaces that are divided into eleven exhibition spaces.
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“Doña Pakyta” Art Museum

Doña Pakyta Art Museum (Almeria)
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The Poet House

The Poet House (Almeria)
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