Alcazaba of Almeria

What to do in Almeria

The city of Almeria has everything one looks for when on vacation: beauty, tranquillity and a space that invites entertainment and fun. One falls in love with the capital of Almeria at first glance, as it combines history and modernity in its architecture, as well as an exceptional coastline whose waters further embellish this small and cosy city with its own brilliance.

Few Spanish provinces have been as privileged as Almeria in the distribution of landscapes. From the capital of the province, you can encounter deserts, mountains, caves and spectacular beaches. As if this were not enough, Almeria has a magnificent architecture, both ancient and modern, that attracts curious visitors.

The natural jewel of the province of Almeria is the Cabo de Gata Natural Park. Its beauty and location make it ideal to visit both day and night, as here the light pollution is so low that you can enjoy the view of the stars and other celestial bodies at first glance. Another popular place is the natural area of the Tabernas desert, where you will not be able to stop taking pictures of the curious rock formations that you find.