Nicolas Salmeron Park (Almeria)

Nicolas Salmeron Park (Almeria)

In Nicolas Salmeron Park is the Marina Square, which serves as a separation between the Old Park (to the west) of the 19th century and the New Park built in 1940, in honor of the President of the First Republic, D. Nicolas Salmeron, who was born in Alhama de Almeria.

The park was completely restored in the last years of the 20th century. The new area of this park has the Dolphin Fountain and the Rower Fountain. Meanwhile, in the old area, we can find centennial trees, with more than a hundred species, such as ficus, palms and pines, among others, to provide shade for visitors.

In 1962, scenes for the movie Lawrence of Arabia, directed by David Lean, were filmed here.

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