Heritage Interpretation Center (Almeria)

Heritage Interpretation Center (Almeria)

It is located in the historic center in Constitution Square, and is structured in an informative ground floor and other three floors centered, respectively, in the Muslim Almeria; the Christian and Contemporary Almeria; and the present day Almeria. The entrance to the museum is free and in it you can discover and appreciate the history of the city of Almeria.

On its first floor is a room representing the most outstanding buildings in Almeria, videos presenting the history of the place, and information on monuments, galleries, documents and plans, among others.

On its second floor, dedicated to Christian Almeria and Contemporary Almeria, the changes that have occurred over the years are shown, as is the area’s economic, political, social and cultural development.

On its upper terrace there is a viewpoint where you can enjoy beautiful views of the Old Square, the Port of Almeria and the impressive Alcazaba of Almeria.

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