Arabic Wells (Almeria)

Arabic Wells (Almeria)

During his reign, Jayran (1012-1028) ordered the construction of the water system in Almeria, and it is now traditionally known as the Jayran Wells.

The volume of water stored at that time was 630,000 liters; enough to supply the city in a long siege, since it also had wells to supply the operation of ferris wheels and ditches.

Over the years, this construction was expanded during the reign of Ibn Sumadih, creating a new channel that reached the mosque, thus supplying the rest of the city. This cistern continued to be used until the 19th century, when it led to the construction of a deposit on the well-known Saint Elizabeth Avenue.

One of the warehouses that made up the cistern was destroyed in 1965. It is currently used as a venue for conferences and exhibitions, as it has 260 square meters of useful space.

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