The Alcazaba of Almeria (Spain)

The Alcazaba of Almeria

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It is, without a doubt, the most emblematic construction in the city of Almeria. With its 1430 meters of walled perimeter it is, after the Alhambra, the largest Muslim construction in Spain, which was built by Abderraman III in the 10th century, after the founding of the city.

It is a fortress consisting of three precincts; the first two are Muslim and the third Christian, which was built after the conquest of Almeria by the Catholic Monarchs in 1489.

This monument is located on Saint Cristobal Hill and is visible from anywhere in Almeria. In the year 1522, an earthquake occurred that destroyed a large part of the citadel. Today, the walls, the bases of the buildings and the watchtowers are still preserved.

As for the enclosures, the first was used for the troops to camp and for the people to take refuge in case of attacks. The second was the palatial city where the rulers, their servants and their guards lived. It had a mosque, palaces, shops and baths, among others. The last enclosure had two defensive towers and a keep, which was used as a residence. The Jayran walls are located on this hill, which has seven towers.

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