Meat stew with tomato

Gastronomy in Almeria

The gastronomy of Almeria is a clear example of Mediterranean cuisine with a strong Arab influence. The province of Almeria is located between the sea and the mountains. This geographical variety causes great contrasts that have shaped the area’s innumerable recipes. Almeria’s gastronomy is characterized by being varied, rich and nutritious. If the city of Almeria is known for something, in addition to its people, its beaches and its historical heritage, it is for its gastronomy.

Under the motto The pleasure of sharing, Almeria was named the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy in 2019. This recognition is proof that Almeria offers exquisite gastronomy that deserves to be made known.

Recipes of Almeria

Within Almeria’s cuisine, one finds countless recipes and traditional dishes. However, we are going to highlight just a few of the most interesting recipes in Almeria.
Mediterranean cuisine

Ajo Colorao

Garlic is one of the main ingredients in many dishes in Mediterranean cuisine. "Ajo Colorao” is a dish with a characteristic red color - hence its name. It is made with cooked garlic, ground potatoes, ground cumin, dried peppers and other ingredients.


This is another recipe that contains garlic, although its name is misleading, as it does not contain chicken. It is a sauce that is prepared with fried bread (soaked in vinegar), garlic, fried almonds, olive oil and saffron.


Cherigan is the most typical tapa in Almeria cuisine. It is a very simple tapa, as it consists of a slice of toasted bread spread with aioli (or tomato) to which different ingredients are added, such as serrano ham, cooked ham, tuna, cheese, an omelette, mackerel and even quail eggs.


Gurullos is one of the most traditional dishes of the gastronomy of Almeria. It consists of a paste made from wheat flour, water and saffron. In Almeria, you can find Gurullos in a multitude of stews, although the most typical recipe in Almeria’s cuisine is partridge with gurullos.


Migas in Almeria have the particularity of being prepared with flour and not bread. They are served with numerous ingredients, the most widely used being fried peppers, olives, anchovies, radishes, chorizo and blood sausage.

As a curiosity, in Almeria, migas are prepared on rainy days. Rainy days in the province of Almeria are so precious that a special dish has been set aside for them.

These are just some of the thousands of recipes that you can find in Almeria’s gastronomy. We encourage you to visit Almeria and enjoy its exquisite gastronomy - without a doubt, one of its greatest attractions.