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Castillo de Tabernas Oil Mill, a must for lovers of Olive Oil Tourism.

There is nothing better than knowing the multiple treasures on offer to the visitor of Almeria, a fascinating place among which stands out in the Tabernas Desert, the only desert in Europe, and where one of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils is made.

A must for all lovers of the segment called "Olive Oil Tourism" that has become fashionable; it offers another great attraction for tourists who choose Almeria as the place to spend their vacation.

So the Castillo de Tabernas Oil Mill, which is located next to the Natural Area of the Tabernas Desert, offers a visit to its facilities where, for an hour, tourists can get to know the different phases of Extra Virgin Olive Oil production, not forgetting the preparation of the olive that is collected in the groves of Castillo de Tabernas, and the preparation to turn it into the Castillo de Tabernas Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Preparation can be seen during visits made in the middle of the olive-harvesting season, which is between the months of November and December.

During visits, customers are shown the most cutting-edge technology regarding oil extraction processes, as the facilities of the Castillo de Tabernas Oil Mill are very modern.

In these facilities, every detail is taken care of to achieve the highest quality of Castillo de Tabernas Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which keeps all its properties during the elaboration process that are highly beneficial and a flagship of the Mediterranean Diet.

Visits to the Oil Mill begin in the area authorized for the entrance of the olive, where tourists are told the main characteristics of the olive plantation of Castillo de Tabernas, which is located next to the only existing desert in Europe. This is also when the processes carried out at the time of collecting the olive and the subsequent preparation before being ground are discussed.

Once inside the mill, visitors will visit the so-called "grinding room" where the methods used for cold extraction of the Castillo de Tabernas Extra Virgin Olive Oil are explained in a personalized way.

The visit continues in the winery, which has the capacity to hold 850,000 kilograms of olive oil, and which is equipped with the latest technology regarding the conservation of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

And of course, visitors are shown the packing room, where they will know first hand the work of the packaging machine that concludes the preparation of the different types of Castillo de Tabernas Extra Virgin Olive Oil that are produced.

The visit concludes with a tasting of the different varieties of Castillo de Tabernas Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Picual of the Desert, the Coupages, and the Author Oils, which are made with the mixture of the three varieties of olives grown in their olive grove, Picual, Arbequina and Hojiblanca. These varieties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil are made separately and then mixed in different percentages to get different flavours and aromas.

An interesting and educational visit in which you can also get to know first hand the Oils for Massage – 0.1 Massage By Castillo de Tabernas, made with 85% of Extra Virgin Olive Oil that contains beneficial elements for your body, depending on your needs. The 0.1 Massage line is composed of Sport Massage, Olive Essence, Relax, Sensuality, and Mother & Baby.

Tours are given in Spanish, English, and French, and can be done from Monday to Saturday at the following times: 10:00 - 11:00 - 12:00 - 13:00

Reservations for visits can be done by email or by calling the number above.

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