Las Mascaranas Farmhouse (Huercal de Almeria)

Localities in Bajo Andarax

Discover here all the localities in the Bajo Andarax and know in depth all the towns of this region of Almeria.


Benahadux (Almeria)
The people of this land inherited their culture from the ancestral civilisations, and the traditions and festivals are still observed today. It has many places worth visiting, as well as offering a high quality local wine.
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Gador (Almeria)
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Huercal de Almeria

Huercal de Almeria (Almeria)
Meanwhile, its rural space gives stunning natural views from the Cerro del Calvario viewpoint, that allows visitors to appreciate a panorama of much of the municipality and the fertile plain of the Andarax river.
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Pechina (Almeria)
It shows such greatness that it has earned an honourable role in the film and advertising industry.

In Pechina you can enjoy exploring the Arab culture at the archaeological site and the Bayyana Interpretation Centre, where there are also displayed various typical products of that culture. The Square of the Villa stands out as one of the most important places in the municipality.
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Rioja (Almeria)
Various civilisations have left elements of their culture in the area since time immemorial. This legacy can still be seen both in its landscapes and in the customs of the inhabitants, who live proudly with their belonging to a place endowed with such unique beauty.
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Santa Fe de Mondujar

Santa Fe de Mondujar (Almeria)
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Viator (Almeria)
In general, Viator enjoys tranquility. It has a dense population centre and it also has the Barrio de Santiago and the Barriada de la Cruz, which are in the hills. Constitution Square is the most active place in the municipality, where relics of history and social progress are kept.
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