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Coat of arms of Benahadux (Almeria)

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Coordinates: 36.925153°, -2.460209°

Distance to Almeria: 10 km

Elevation: 114 m

Population: 4,643 inhabitants (2023)

Demonym: Benaducense

Located in the centre of the Bajo Andarax and near the capital, is Benahadux, a town characterised by its agricultural wealth, its traditions and its millenary history. From north to south it is bordered by the Andarax river. It extends from the river valley to the last hills of the Sierra de Gador, which has a natural space full of rural landscapes, roads and routes. The name Benahadux comes from the Arabic Banu Abdus, which was one of the families established in the Andarax Valley during the Muslim occupation in the 8th century. Of its ancient history, monuments, historical heritage and traditions are preserved and are currently tourist attractions of great renown in the region. The wine tastings of Benahadux are a famous tradition, bringing together more than 30 artisan viticulturists who offer their most precious broths.

At the beginning of the 19th century, Benahadux began its demographic and economic expansion thanks to the activity of mining in the municipality. There are still traces in the town itself, which adds attractiveness and tourist interest.

Gardening orchards and crops surround Benahadux, and make up a spectacular landscape that invites the visitor to travel their country trails. Rich gastronomy is another attraction of this old municipality, which can be enjoyed in its multiple bars and restaurants.

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