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Coat of arms of Huercal de Almeria (Almeria)

Huercal de Almeria
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Coordinates: 36.882369°, -2.440755°

Distance to Almeria: 5 km

Elevation: 69 m

Population: 18,507 inhabitants (2023)

Demonym: Huercalense / Huercaleño (a)

The importance of Huercal de Almeria as a crossroads, given its strategic situation, goes back to the time of the Catholic Monarchs.

This municipality retains the quiet and bucolic aspect of the ancient Mediterranean towns and at the same time presents an important industrial expansion. Huercal de Almeria is now a privileged headquarters of the economic awakening of the region.

This municipality of the Bajo Andarax has managed to develop into a metropolitan territory, endowed with important urban areas, without losing the essence of its ancestral history. History and modernism contrast in the streets of Huercal de Almeria, where Constitution Square, Saint Mary Church and other traditional monuments stand. Meanwhile, its rural space gives stunning natural views from the Cerro del Calvario viewpoint, that allows visitors to appreciate a panorama of much of the municipality and the fertile plain of the Andarax river.

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