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Coat of arms of Rioja (Almeria)

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Coordinates: 36.945118°, -2.462699°

Distance to Almeria: 13 km

Elevation: 122 m

Population: 1,594 inhabitants (2023)

Demonym: Riojeño (a)

Due to its privileged geographical situation, Rioja was a seat of various towns and civilizations since times as remote as the third millennium before Christ. Remains of ceramics, dating from the era of the Roman Empire, have been found in the region.

Currently, its economic activity is based on agriculture and some small industries. Its patroness is the Virgin of the Rosary, whose festival is celebrated on October 7. The church erected in her honour dates from the 17th century. Its agriculture is focused primarily on the cultivation of oranges, the aroma of which covers the lands of Rioja and these crops can be fully appreciated in the Orange Interpretation Centre.

Rioja has important archaeological sites of tourist interest, among which are the hill of the fort and the walled settlements, which had crucibles that served as the foundry of metals in prehistoric times.

The gastronomy of Rioja is varied and abundant, with highlights being the sausages, the pot of nabs enclosed with pork liver, the alpujarrene fritter and the hornazo, a kind of sweet bun with a hard-boiled egg in the middle, typical of the region.

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