Santa Fe de Mondujar (Almeria)

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Coat of arms of Santa Fe de Mondujar (Almeria)

Santa Fe de Mondujar
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Coordinates: 36.973804°, -2.530776°

Distance to Almeria: 22 km

Elevation: 233 m

Population: 494 inhabitants (2023)

Demonym: Santafereño (a)

Set in a valley is Santa Fe de Mondujar. The small extension of this territory enjoys fertile hills, where the peace of nature prevails. Its inhabitants have developed a heritage, culture and customs that are hallmarks of the Bajo Andarax region, where the Andarax river passes to the side of the municipality.

Its name refers to two cultures that impacted the history of the region: Santa Fe is of Christian tradition and Mondujar has a Muslim origin. Surrounded by extensive and fertile valleys, this small and peaceful villa was a strategic place to establish population settlements from the prehistoric era. Agriculture stands out as its main economic activity, dedicated mostly to the cultivation of orange.

Although its history is dominated by the archaeological enclave of Los Millares, many other civilizations settled here over the years and left their mark on architecture, customs and traditions. Archaeological vestiges abound and tell us about the millenary past.

For its geographical location and the beauty of its landscapes, it is a propitious region for hiking.

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