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Coat of arms of Viator (Almeria)

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Coordinates: 36.88872°, -2.4251°

Distance to Almeria: 10 km

Elevation: 70 m

Population: 6,066 inhabitants (2022)

Demonym: Viatoreño (a)

The name Viator means via, path or place of transit, although other sources indicate that it probably comes from the Latin expression via Turris, which means path of the tower. The origins of Viator are estimated to go back to the time of the Roman Empire. Muslims founded the first farmhouse there in approximately the 10th century.

These lands provide wealth in several aspects; from palaeontology and religious devotion to sporting achievements that surpass other municipalities of the region. The town is recognised for its rich resources which include the most modern sports facilities, the Paleontological Interpretation Centre and the staging of festivities in honour of Our Lady the Virgin of Anguishes.

In general, Viator enjoys tranquility. It has a dense population centre and it also has the Santiago neighborhood and the Barriada de la Cruz, which are in the hills. Constitution Square is the most active place in the municipality, where relics of history and social progress are kept.

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