The Fountain (Benahadux - Almeria)

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Church of the Virgin of the Head

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Church of the Virgin of the Head (Benahadux - Almeria)
Built in the 18th century on an old Mudejar mosque, the church of Benahadux was erected in May 1505 under the invocation of the Virgin of the Head and patronage of Saint Joseph.

This church consisted of only one nave, but in the 1940s two side naves were added and the cemetery was abolished.

Mediterranean Cultures Interpretation Center

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The Interpretation Center of the Ancient Cultures of the Mediterranean is a building of recent construction whose theme revolves around the cultural and archaeological heritage of the Bajo Andarax Region, with special attention to the municipality of Benahadux.

The archaeological site of “El Chuche” (Iberian-Roman city of Urci) is the starting point for a journey that connects archeology, history and heritage, with the aim of teaching others about the Iberian culture of Almeria.
It is a modern building divided into two floors that spans architectural barriers with entrance and exit ramps, adapted bathrooms, and an elevator. Each of the floors, in turn, houses three exhibition rooms.

On the first floor there is the reception, an audiovisual projection room and an exhibition area where the theme is a journey of the first settlers (Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans) who came to Andalusia, along with the local Iberians. The area making consists of tour lasting up until the 8th century.

The second floor has three exhibition rooms. The first contains the excavations of “El Chuche” and the different ceramics found in it, as well as the recreation of an Iberian dwelling. The next room shows funerary and religious rites, and the third is dedicated to the friends of the museum, where we hold several exhibitions throughout the year.

Cerro de la Cruz Hermitage

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Cerro de la Cruz Hermitage (Benahadux - Almeria)
The Cerro de la Cruz Hermitage is a construction that is located on the highest part of a hill of the same name and dates back to the 20th century.

It is a small structure of a plant painted in lime, with a hipped roof and topped with a Latin cross.

The Fountain of Benahadux

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The Fountain (Benahadux - Almeria)
The fountain of Benahadux, recently rehabilitated with marble, has a roof and a large rectangular glass.

The space around it forms a single area that is subdivided into two pools, one for washing and one for rinsing.

The water is supplied from the Saint Michael spring (located three kilometers from the urban center).

Benahadux Cultural Space

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Cultural Space (Benahadux - Almeria)
The Benahadux Cultural Space has been possible thanks to the collaboration between the Benahadux City Council and the Almeria Provincial Council. The building has the name of Gabriel Antonio Morales de Mata, a neighbor much loved by the entire population who was a postman and deputy mayor, who died in 2019.

The design of the building is rectangular and presents three volumes at different heights for different areas: stage, dressing rooms and public rooms. This multipurpose building has a capacity for 400 people.

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