Saint Indaletius Church (Pechina - Almeria)

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Church of Saint Indaletius

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Church of Saint Indaletius (Pechina - Almeria)
The exterior of the church is of rectilinear forms, with buttresses on both sides of the central nave and it is devoid of decoration.

In the 18th century, the main chapel and the dome were remodelled in the Baroque style. The current bell dates from 1884, called "Saint Indaletius". The picture featured on the dome of the presbytery dates from 1918, and is by Antonio Bedmar Iribarne (painter of manners). The painting represents the appearance of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to Sor Margarita de Alacoque.

Archaeological site of Bayyana

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Starting in the year 885, it was developed as an urban centre and became one of the most important commercial spaces of Al-Andalus, until 992 when its decline began due to the development of the port and suburb of Pechina, known as Mariyyat Bayyana.

In 995, it became the capital of the Cora, which made the population of Bayyana move to it and transformed it into a simple dependent town of Almeria.
This Hispano-Arabic site offers great possibilities for studying the knowledge of Islamic urbanism, as it is one of the few examples of a Muslim city.

It is located in the Paraje Marchal de las Herrerias, and its excavations show the existence of two neighbourhoods of Arab origin, one to the north and one to the south. Both neighbourhoods present a residential area and housing with similar characteristics in distribution, materials, construction techniques, and necropolis.

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Bayyana Interpretation Center

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The Bayyana Interpretation Center delves into the region of the Bajo Andarax of the Islamic period, specifically in the Emirate of Cordoba, 9th-10th centuries, the historical moment in which the city of Bayyana was created, along with Pechina and original core of the city of Almeria.

Along the tour led by the Interpretation Center, you will come to know different aspects of the city of Bayyana and its inhabitants.

Sierra Alhamilla Spring

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It is a spring of thermal waters with a stable flow, which emerges at a temperature of 57º C, through a water pipe in the square of Los Baños neighbourhood.

This water has healing properties due to it being sulphated-bicarbonated, sodic, chlorinated, and magnesic, without smell or taste, although it also contains Radon. For this reason, the water is used on the one hand in beverages, since it is beneficial for the digestive system and on the other hand, it is also used in treatments, as it removes fats, removes dead skin, and regenerates the skin.

Saint Claude Hermitage

It is a small hermitage located in the Baños Alhamilla neighborhood, which is located 8 kilometers from Pechina.

The hermitage has in its interior the image of Saint Claude, highly venerated by the neighbors.

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