Church of Our Lady of the Rosary (Santa Fe de Mondujar - Almeria)

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Church of Our Lady of the Rosary

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Church of Our Lady of the Rosary (Santa Fe de Mondujar - Almeria)
It is a temple of Mudejar style, built in the middle of the 16th century.

It consists of three naves in a basilical plan, with a main chapel, differentiated from the central nave by a main arch and a high choir at its feet.

In the year 1675, it was endowed with a Mudejar roof in its central nave, with ripple armour and simple ornamental details. At the same time the presbytery was built with its vaulted edge.
In the 18th century the extension of its lateral naves connected to the central nave by means of arches, the cover through which they are accessed and the bell tower was built later.

Its last restoration was in the year 1995.

The Millares Archaeological Site

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The Millares site is the highest historical exponent of the Bajo Andarax.

Declared in 1931 as a historical-artistic monument, the Millares is a site of the Copper Age, which was a cultural period between 3,200 and 2,200 BC.

The site has a village, a necropolis, and thirteen defensive forts. Its defense system is impressive, consisting of four lines of wall, one of them of 310 meters in length; the longest of its time.
Currently, the site has a visitor reception center and guided tours can be requested.

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Eiffel Bridge

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Eiffel Bridge (Santa Fe de Mondujar - Almeria)
It was built in 1893, along with the Almeria-Linares railway line, to connect Almeria with the rest of Spain.

It was designed in the studies of engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel.

He made some of the last advances in the use of the forged iron with this project, combined with already classic constructions like stone masonry, which is reflected in its ten pilasters. It has a height of 35 m and a length of approximately 400 m.
In 1998 its last reform took place, adapting it to the passage of vehicles of all tonnage, widening the track and removing the iron rails.

Old Train Station

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Old Train Station (Santa Fe de Mondujar - Almeria)
The old train station was built between 1890 and 1893.

By the station began to pass in 1911 the first electric train in Spain, for which a small power plant was built under the adjacent bridge (Eiffel Bridge).

The Bridges Viewpoint

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The Bridges Viewpoint (Santa Fe de Mondujar - Almeria)
From this viewpoint you have a fantastic view of the bridges of Santa Fe de Mondujar.

It was built in the year 2005.

Nasrid Tower

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Nasrid Tower (Santa Fe de Mondujar - Almeria)
This fortress tower from the Nasrid period (13th to 15th centuries) served as a refuge and protection for the few neighbors of this Mondujar village, the original nucleus.

This strong tower is linked to the testimony of the passage of the Catholic Monarchs to Granada after the capture of Almeria on December 26, 1489 and marks the birth of Santa Fe itself.

The Catholic Monarchs spent the night in this farmhouse and named it Santa Fe de Mondujar.

May Cross Hermitage

May Cross Hermitage (Santa Fe de Mondujar - Almeria)
The May Cross Hermitage, located in front of the town of Santa Fe de Mondujar, gives its name to the neighborhood where it is located.

It is a square construction, with open walls with arches on its four sides, which supported a dome that has now been transformed into a hipped roof, and crowned with a cross. It is a place of devotion and promises.

From the hermitage you can enjoy excellent views over the orange grove and the bed of the Andarax river.

Virgin of Carmel Hermitage

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Virgin of Carmel Hermitage (Santa Fe de Mondujar - Almeria)
It is located at the entrance to the town and shows the qubba hermitage model, with a square plan and a half-orange vault as the roof (the square and the circle, the earth and the sky, as elementary geometric shapes).

This hermitage dates back to the 19th century and was built by the workers who were digging the mine to channel the waters of the “La Calderona” fountain, in gratitude for the lack of accidents during the works. In 1891 the railway construction company donated the image of the Virgin of Carmel in gratitude for there being no deaths during the construction of the tunnel.
However, in 1936 the image was burned, but a neighbour recovered the cross, while the current image was donated by the miners of Rio Tinto.

The festival of the Virgin of Carmel is celebrated on July 16, where neighbors walk to her, bringing food and sweets typical of home, who are willing to spend the night. Once there, a mass is celebrated, the image is processed around, and the festival begins.

Water Viewpoint

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Water Viewpoint (Santa Fe de Mondujar - Almeria)
From this spectacular viewpoint you can see the Sierra de Gador and Sierra Alhamilla, as well as the Eiffel Bridge and a panoramic view of the town.

In its information panel you will be able to learn more about the Levante and Poniente ditches, the large desert channeling and the canal's supply.

Contemplating the views from this viewpoint is a unique experience.

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