Paleontological Interpretation Center (Viator - Almeria)

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Church of Our Lady of Anguishes

Church of Our Lady of Anguishes (Viator - Almeria)
Dedicated to the Virgin of Anguishes, on its facade is the titular image in an ornate niche above the main entrance door.

Initially designed as a hermitage in the year 1766, long before the current growth of the population, it was then expanded to become the current parish church.

Inside is the altar of the Virgin of Anguishes, patroness of the town since 1766.

Paleontological Interpretation Center

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Paleontological Interpretation Center (Viator - Almeria)
This interpretation center is commonly known as the "Whale Museum". This is due to the fossil specimen of the Pliocene whale that was found in the municipality of Viator in 1984, in Monte Palmo de Salas. Certain parts of the whale, such as the head and fins, were not found during the course of the excavation.

The exhibition space has 4 rooms in different themes, but under the basic concept "What the fossils of Almeria tell us", in addition to an audiovisual projection room.

Virgin of Carmel Hermitage

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Virgin of Carmel Hermitage (Viator - Almeria)
Recently built, it was inaugurated on July 15, 2009 with a more modern design, which does not correspond to the old hermitage located just next door.

This new Virgin of Carmel Hermitage has moved a few meters from its original location. The old hermitage, now closed, offered only the vision of the Virgin through a small window.

On July 15 in the evening, on the eve of Carmel's day, a popular festival is celebrated in front of the hermitage.

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