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Routes & Trails

This region of Almeria offers diverse and historic landscapes that can be seen on foot. In addition to delighting our eyes, they will provide us with a great cultural background. As we walk through striking landscapes on the Los Baños Path, we can observe what is left of the old railway line, such as the bridge that crosses the San Indalecio dry riverbed. The route ends in one of the most beautiful places in the province: Los Baños de Sierra Alhamilla, an authentic oasis in the middle of an arid mountain. However, first, the route travels through the houses of “Chorrillo”, old places of the train locomotives. Along the way, we will see impressive scenarios on a route that takes us about two and a half hours to complete (which means that we will take food and drink for the trip).
In addition, there are three routes in Huercal de Almeria - downtown, north and south - where we will learn about the region’s flora, as well as visit parks and gardens to discover more about plants, trees and flowers in the area. These are three relatively simple routes for people who are used to walking.

Los Baños Path



Downtown Route (Huercal de Almeria)


North Route (Huercal de Almeria)


South Route (Huercal de Almeria)