Castala peri-urban Park (Berja - Almeria)

Castala peri-urban Park (Berja)

This Natural Protected Area is only 5 kilometers from Berja, and can be accessed by the AL-5401 road. In its 14 hectares of pine forests, you can enjoy the recreational area that is equipped with barbecues, tables, a swimming pool, playgrounds, sports courts, etc.

It is located in the foothills of the Sierra de Gador, about 750 meters high, and it is an ideal place to practice active tourism; in fact it is the starting point of the Sierra de Gador Trails Network.

With more than 30 kilometers of perfectly marked approved trails, visitors can explore, with itineraries of different difficulty, the mining heritage of the unknown Sierra de Gador. This magnificent area also hides a lush forest and a great wealth of fauna (wild goats, squirrels, golden eagles, goshawks, sparrowhawks, owls, etc.).

Castala is also the starting point of the forest tracks that go up to the Sierra de Gador, which are very popular with mountain bike enthusiasts. Following a kilometer along this track, you can accesses the Tajo de la Fuente climbing area, which is equipped with different difficulty routes and later on, you can enjoy hang gliding and paragliding at the El Zarzalon Free Flight Station.

The mild climate and the unique mountain topography, in a valley protected from the winds, assure paragliders a flight of 900 meters of altitude in the best conditions, even in the middle of winter. According to experts, the winter season is when it becomes one of the best places for this sports practice.

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