Gold Fountain (Berja - Almeria)

Gold Fountain (Berja)

Following the path to the Our Lady of Gador Hermitage from the Almez Fountain, you will find to your right this spectacular water feature. According to chemical analysis, its waters are considered to be helpful for proper functioning of the digestive system; and such properties can also be found at the nearby La Higuera Fountain.

All these springs at the very foot of the Sierra de Gador are replenished by the waters collected by this huge mass of limestone that stands over 2,200 meters high.
From its high peaks that are snow covered in winter, the water travels down, supplying Berja with the precious liquid that hides deep within its heart. Since Roman times, aqueduct builders from the Arab period and to this day, have managed these waters with care. With the help of gravity and through a complicated and ingenious network of ditches and rafts, they have fertilized the lands of Berja since time immemorial.

The construction of terraces (known as paratas) supported by stone walls (known as balates) have allowed, with great effort, to expand the irrigated areas and fertile land, thus taking maximum advantage of the available water.

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