House of Culture (Berja - Almeria)

House of Culture (Berja)

The House of Culture was inherited by Jeronimo Villalobos, first Mayor of Berja of the 2nd Republic, and dates from the 19th century. It is a bourgeois dwelling built under the rules of classicism and historicism, unlike baroque dwellings of the 18th century.

Inside there is a large central courtyard, decorated with impressive black marble columns (from a local quarry), and crowned by a "caseton" that gives light to the entire room.

On each floor there are corridors around the staircase that allow access to the rooms. The house is located in the Cross Square, named for the cross that commemorates the miraculous conversion of a Muslim servant. He was reluctant to be baptized, however, he became a Christian on his deathbed, due to the devotion he felt for the image of the Virgin of Gador.

It is also known as "House of Social Security", because here was the health house until the 80s. It is currently the House of Culture which is the headquarters for temporary exhibitions.

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