Porticoed Square (Berja - Almeria)

Porticoed Square (Berja)

It is the only porticoed square that was rebuilt and remains intact in the province. Its opening date in the year 1860 is recorded on the central balcony of the structure.

It is a square formed by a set of two-storey houses, with an arcade of 37 arches, open on one side to Manuel Salmeron Street. The Male and Female fountains stand out here, facing each other in the third column on each side of the square.

It was a market for supplies until its restoration began to recover its original appearance, using stones from the local quarries of Buenavista and black marble from Balsaplata, and it was opened in 2012. Currently it is used as an ideal location for all kinds of recreational and cultural events. On one side of the street there is an exit to Arco Street, while at the back we find the Hotel Don Miguel Plaza and access to the current food market where from Monday to Saturday, you can find fresh products of the highest quality.

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