The Enciso Tower (Berja - Almeria)

The Enciso Tower (Berja)

Built in the 16th century, it is the only private tower-fortress that has been preserved throughout the Alpujarra region. It withstood the convulsive period after the Reconquest in the year 1489, as well as the Moorish uprising that took place during Christmas Eve of 1568, in the so-called "Christmas of Blood". That event was the beginning of the bloody War of the Alpujarras, which lasted more than two years and it was finally put down by the elite troops of the Spanish army, commanded by Juan de Austria himself.

The Moorish population was a threat to the Christians. Thus, fortresses were raised to form a refuge in case of siege. This belonged to Celedón de Enciso, a clerk of the town who took refuge from the uprising of the Moorish and managed to escape in 1568.

After its acquisition by the City Council, the Tower was renovated and it now houses the Municipal Tourism Office and a Site Museum, with interesting original pieces that commemorate the historical events of the convulsive 16th century, with the expulsion of the Moorish after the war and the later repopulation.

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