Alcazaba of Villavieja (Berja - Almeria)

Alcazaba of Villavieja (Berja)

On a hill, near the magnificent observatory of Berja and the surrounding mountain ranges, the imposing Alcazaba of Villavieja was built. This became the second Arab fortress in the province of Almeria.

You can explore the remains of the fortress that protected the only walled city of the Alpujarra of Almeria, and a beautiful medina that was developed and maintained by the Arabs in order to establish irrigation and to cultivation of the mulberry.
Unfortunately, the walls were demolished in large part after the Reconquest of 1489, to prevent them from serving as fortifications in case of uprisings.

If you wish to explore the enclosure further, you can do it by means of a path that covers little more than 2 km, both there and back. This is an easy path that will take you first to the remains of the amphitheater of the ancient Roman town of “Vergi”, which was also located here, and later to the Espolon Tower and the restored Arab water supply reservoirs.

Outside the enclosure we can visit the Arab Baths of Beneji, which were the public baths, or the Hammam dating from the 11th century, both of which have been recently restored.

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