Berja - Routes & Trails

Routes & Trails

Berja has historical buildings and monuments that recall a rich Arab past, which, together with its stately and bourgeois houses from past centuries, form this Andalusian peculiarity.
Its streets are picturesque and photogenic relics. Water Street was where the most important flow passed, causing the city to be urbanized around it. However, there are other beautiful streets, such as New Street (19th century) and Los Cerezos Street. Many architectural jewels are worth visiting, such as the town hall building, the church, the mill and even the tourist office. These represent the city’s historical and cultural heritage and should not be missed on a visit to Berja.
Nor should we miss a trip to the archaeological site of Villavieja, positioned on a rough hill that provides a privileged view of the Valley of Berja and the surrounding mountains.
We present you with the routes and trails of Berja so that you can be sure to visit all the unmissable places in this charming town of Almeria.
  Walking routes

Historic Center of Berja




Urban route of the fountains



Archaeological Site of Villavieja



  Bike routes

Bike routes are another way to enjoy Berja. The forest tracks that cross the Sierra de Gador are perfect for travelling by bicycle.

The Cycling Club of Berja is available to anyone who wants to join them in their meetings, in order to travel by bicycle around this fantastic environment.