Gold Fountain (Berja - Almeria)

Water & Fountains in Berja

The history of Berja is intrinsically linked to its fountains and springs. Since the time of the Romans who built the aqueducts, through the Arab period and up to the present day, the waters that flow at the foot of the Sierra de Gador have been carefully managed.

With the help of gravity and through a complicated and ingenious network of ditches and channels, the waters have fertilized the lands of the “Vega de Berja” since time immemorial. The construction of terraces supported by stone walls allowed, with great effort, expansion of the irrigated and fertile land, taking maximum advantage of the available water.
As a genuine symbol of the area's culture, the fountains of Berja have been fundamental as places of social interaction and conversation among the women who came to fill their pitchers there. They also provided refreshment for the men when returning from their tasks in the field, as well as being an ideal location for young people to forge discreet relationships. In short, it was a hub of sociability in the traditional rural world.

Nowadays the fountains of Berja are part of the urban landscape of this beautiful town, inspiring admiration in visitors since ancient times, representing the most traditional and popular expression of daily life in Berja.
Berja (Almeria)
Berja has more than thirty fountains, located both in the urban and extra urban areas. The Route of the fountains allows people to admire these interesting works, as well as to enjoy the cultural, artistic, historical and natural heritage of the municipality.