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Windmills in Almeria

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Almeria is a fantastic destination with a wide variety of entertainment options for locals and tourists. Beaches, mountains, exuberant fauna and also magical and historical places.

One of the jewels that we can find in Almeria are the windmills, since this province has almost all the wind architecture that Andalusia is famous for. They are monuments with historical and cultural character, because they give us an idea of how the inhabitants of these places lived in past times.

Almerian heritage

In the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park, a virgin environment of great value in Spain, we find abundant natural beauty and also a large number of windmills, which arouse the interest not only of historians and ethnologists, but also of tourists and visitors, with a magnificent heritage of tanks, reservoirs, water wheels and mills.
Windmill in Los Genoveses - Cabo de Gata

The main contenders of Don Quixote

Selecting the best windmills in the province of Almeria is not an easy task, but here we recommend some of the most attractive that you should not miss while visiting our wonderful province.

The unusual beauty of these places, along with the rich cultural heritage they possess and their historical value have made painters, photographers, sculptors, literary and other artists pay tribute to these landscapes through their works.

An obligatory stop in "Los Genoveses": At Los Genoveses Beach its reconstructed mill stands out on the top of the hill, forming one of the most amazing landscapes of the whole region. Awesome!

"Agua Amarga" windmills: In this town you can enjoy two spectacular windmills; the first in La Loma, located at the entrance of the straight line that leads to Agua Amarga. The second is located very close to the town centre and remains in its original condition. In fact, on your visit, you will observe the machinery that operated the mill, one of the best preserved of all in Almeria.

"Pozo de los Frailes" windmill: one of the most beautiful windmills of all in Almeria.

Beauty in "Fernan Perez": It is a true visual spectacle that immediately generates peace and tranquility, because its mill has a rural development of only 3 buildings: the grinding area, the miller's house and the cortijillo.

Industrial archeology updated
Windmill in Pozo de los Frailes - Cabo de Gata

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