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Adventure activities in Almeria

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That search for exciting emotions, facing the unknown or pushing the limits of the traditional, is part of what moves people to extreme sports or adventure activities that could be classified as non-traditional. And these are even more exciting if they can be realised in a setting as beautiful as the natural landscapes offered by the province of Almeria.

The paradisiacal coasts of Almeria are a favourite scenario for many when it comes to meeting the Mediterranean Sea.

That is why every year, in addition to thousands of "habitual" swimmers, a large number of people visit Almeria to practise different sports related to the sea and the adventures it offers, taking advantage of the wonderful climate of the region all year round, so any season can be considered as the perfect time to visit its coasts.

Kayaking in Almeria

Among these sports is kayaking, which has experienced an increase in popularity in recent years, especially for its simplicity in terms of equipment, and it allows a much more direct and personal contact with the sea.
This light boat with oars is also very popular to explore rivers and lagoons, but in the case of Almeria, the favourite destination is the Mediterranean coast with its cliffs and coves.

It is a very healthy sport and involves as much effort as a person wants to put into it, that is, it adapts to the sporting needs of each person.

It can become as extreme as the person sees fit, perhaps combining it with a snorkel, to fully capture the beauty of these coasts.

Bungee jumping in Almeria

Every day, people will dare to take part in bungee jumping for that rush of adrenaline that comes from a sudden and precipitous fall. It is suitable for most types of people, since it requires no training and nothing more that the desire to launch yourself into an adventure.

Even with the confidence that the safety rope and safety ties will stop the fall and that the sport is safe, you will feel that indescribable emotion of trepidation during the seconds that the fall lasts, leaving you wanting to launch yourself again. This activity is provided in Cabo de Gata, Gador or in Dalias.

Cycle Adventures in Almeria

The temperate climate of Almeria, along with the most beautiful landscapes, are the perfect setting for bicycle rides. Whether in the Tabernas desert, in the high mountain of Sierra Nevada or in the coves and cliffs of the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park, Almeria has the ideal setting for these excursions, where you will not only enjoy this glorious environment but you will gain lasting benefits for your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Throughout the year, trials and national and international competitions in different categories are staged in different parts of the province, which allow amateurs and professionals to keep in shape according to their competitive levels.
Cycle Adventures

Flyboard in Almeria

The fantasy of flying without having to resort to a plane is a memory that a visit to the Almerian coast offers to all its guests. When strapped onto a flyboard, the water pressured boots attached will allow you to plane across the water and keep you suspended in the air while you practise your airborne acrobatics.

After receiving instructions and safety parameters, you can experience turns and pirouettes on the water, in sessions of approximately 15 minutes. As the board is connected at all times to a watercraft, the instructor controls the situation to ensure your safety. With growing interest in performing this exciting challenge to gravity, areas such as Aguadulce, Garrucha or Mojacar are offering this popular pastime.
The variety of adventure activities in Almeria is endless: surfing, canoeing, horse riding, kitesurfing, plane trips, trekking, canyoning, speleology, 4x4 routes and much more. Do not hesitate to challenge your limits on the next tour!
Activities in the province of Almeria

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