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Almeria, source of well-being

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The Almeria coast is a favourite destination when it comes to finding inner peace, and the necessary relaxation that allows us to maintain our mental health to counteract the harmful effects that cause stress and worry in modern life. Many of us suffer such problems that leave consequences both emotionally, spiritually and physically.

That is why it is important to release tensions and it is even better if we can leave it in the hands of true experts in this service industry. The wide range of initiatives and companies that are focused on providing relaxation and rest is one of the pillars of tourism in Almeria, which is handled with the greatest responsibility and commitment for all visitors who decide to visit the area.

Visitors always return because they benefit from the paradisiacal landscapes which are framed by the integral welfare of the area.

Arab baths

Recalling the important Muslim heritage in the province of Almeria is a popular facility know as the so-called “hammam” or Arab baths that provide an ancient technique to purify and relax by using hot water, vapours and medicinal aromas that release tensions and impurities.

With benefits for our respiratory system, circulatory system, skin and, of course, our mind, visiting a hammam is a relatively affordable alternative that we will want to use regularly, since we will love the attention and speedy effects that the service provides.

The professionals of these arts are always innovating and investing to offer greater well-being to their clients according to their experience, whether in new massage techniques, yoga classes and other disciplines, events or in the tea houses that usually accompany a traditional hammam, with the various teas to satisfy everyone without having to leave the centre.

Hot Springs and Spas

One of the companies dedicated to comfort throughout the province is the San Nicolas Spa; a jewel of Alhama de Almeria, minutes from the capital and Cabo de Gata.
Relaxing massage

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