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Almeria land of Rallyes

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The province of Almeria relies heavily on investments and tourism promotion for all tastes and ages, but for some years Almeria stands out for its great range of extreme sports that attract professionals and amateurs, both local and other from other countries.

It highlights the Desert Adventure Costa de Almería motor cycle rally, which is not a competition for time or positions.

It is a challenge to complete the route consulting only the maps provided, while preserving the environment in the fantastic scenery of the province of Almeria, which incorporates 55 Almerian towns (60% of the entire province).
Also worth noting is the Costa de Almería Car Rally, which already has a lot of editions, in which about 50 drivers participated.

Together with their teams and fans, this added up to about 20,000 people coming to Almería to see the competition, which represents a constant tourist opportunity.

This is a nationally and internationally recognised rally.
Activities in the province of Almeria

       Almeria city
       Almeria coast
       Cabo de Gata
       Roquetas de Mar
       Tabernas desert

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