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Almeria in the Philippines?

29-06-2018    {{catList[28].label}}

Map of philippines

With a history that goes back to the time of Spanish domination of the Philippine Islands, we find the municipality of "Almeria" in the province of Bilirán; one of the smallest provinces of the Philippines.

It received this name because the Spanish settlement of this zone was founded by a Franciscan friar from Almeria, who was in charge of evangelising to the original settlers, and also teaching them new systems of commerce and culture.

As mentioned, the villagers were very grateful for the services provided by the missionary and decided to baptise the flourishing town with the name of the native land of the friar.
Activities in the province of Almeria

       Almeria city
       Almeria coast
       Cabo de Gata
       Roquetas de Mar
       Tabernas desert

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