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5 reasons to visit Albox

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Sanctuary of the Saliente (Albox - Almeria)
The province of Almeria offers a multitude of tourist destinations, with excellent environments in which to relax and where you can enjoy pleasant moments surrounded by beautiful landscapes. One of the most picturesque is Albox.

We present our five reasons to visit Albox.

Sanctuary of the Saliente

This impressive sanctuary is the true emblem of Albox, having been praised for more than 300 years for its architectural structure and unique beauty.

At 2,500 square meters, it is one of the largest monasteries in eastern Andalusia.

It is an authentic architectural gem that you should not miss on your visit to Albox. It was given the Andalusian Historical Heritage designation in 1992.


This municipality stands out for its large number of religious festivals, among which the pilgrimage to “El Saliente” stands out. It is celebrated every year on September 7 and 8 and has been declared of Andalusian Tourist Interest.

Another religious and cultural activity that we cannot ignore is Holy Week in Albox, when special dishes are prepared. Among them, the almond truffles, the orange donuts, and the “tabirnas colorás” stand out, which brings us to our next reason to visit Albox.


Albox is known within the province of Almeria for its succulent dishes and sweets. The gastronomy of Albox is a real pleasure for the senses, with highlights including the “migas”, the “pelotas”, the “gurullos”, the “remojón”, the “gazpacho”, the blood frit, the stewed wheat, the egg broth, and the salty porridge.

Regarding the excellent pastries in Albox, we cannot leave without trying the different types of donuts, the “almendrados”, and the “alfajores”.


Craftsmanship in the Almanzora Valley has been its hallmark for centuries. The marble industry and all that it entails is very present throughout the region. Also, Albox stands out for its pottery and its works in esparto.

Albox has one of the oldest pottery workshops in the province of Almeria. In Albox, you can find all kinds of handicrafts to take home as a souvenir of your visit.

Almond blossom route

Through this route, you can enjoy the almond blossom fields around Albox.

They are a true spectacle of nature that attracts crowds of people every year.

Without a doubt, one of the best experiences to do if you visit Albox at this time of year.
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