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5 reasons to visit Alhama de Almeria

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La Puente (Alhama de Almeria)
Alhama de Almeria is a municipality located in the foothills of the Sierra de Gador, in the south of the province of Almeria, on a rugged landscape that descends to the Andarax river. Its semi-desert and arid-looking lands produce an impressive landscape. Its surroundings are beautifully populated by grapevines.

Alhama de Almeria gives you indelible memories. We present our five reasons to visit Alhama de Almeria.


Throughout history, it has been known as Alhama la Seca or Alhama de Salmeron, thanks to its most illustrious citizen, Nicolas Salmeron Alonso, president of the First Spanish Republic.

Alhama de Almeria is the watchtower of the Andarax Valley.

Centuries of history fill its streets because the Romans and, later, the Muslims settled in these lands.
In this town, it is easy to recognize the traces of the Al-Andalus period: the layout of its streets, the baths of Arab origin, the remains of a fortress …

Arab baths

In Alhama de Almeria, you can relax in Arab baths. The temperature of its waters (47.5ºC) and the comfort of its facilities will provide you with incomparable peace and rest.


Alhama de Almeria has beautiful monuments that are worth visiting. Among them are: the Church of Saint Nicholas of Bari, its attractive hermitages (Saint Anthony of Padua Hermitage, Saint Mark Hermitage, Saint John Hermitage, the Arabic Morabito, and the Cross Hermitage), La Puente (an impressive bridge of neoclassical style), the Waterfall, and the different monuments that dot its streets, such as the “Emporronadora” monument.


The gastronomy of Alhama de Almeria is recognized for its wonderful sausages. Also noteworthy are the “choto al ajo cabañil”, the Alpujarra fry, the “encebollado” with pork liver, the pot of turnips, the salty porridge (made with flour, tomato, peppers, garlic, fish, and oil), and the “tabirlas colorás” (potatoes, red peppers, onion, and garlic).

Nor can we forget the fantastic sweets, such as the Easter donuts, the egg and almond “soplillos”, the honey “mantecados”, and the donuts.


Alhama de Almeria enjoys a rich leisure and cultural offering. The most outstanding festivals are those of Saint Anton (January 16), Holy Week, Saint Mark (April 25), the May Cross, Saint Anthony (June 13), Saint John (June 23), the Summer Festival (July), the pilgrimage of the Virgin of the River (August 14 and 15), and Saint Nicholas of Bari and the Immaculate (December 5 and 8).
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