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5 reasons to visit Antas

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El Real Aqueduct (Antas - Almeria)
Antas is located 91 kilometres from the capital of the province and is 108 meters above sea level, in the Levante of Almeria. Its fertile lands, thanks to its location in the Aguas river basin, have favoured the development of this municipality.
We present our five reasons to visit Antas.

Parish Church

The Parish Church of Antas was built in the 16th century. It is a temple with a simple structure, without great external ornamentation. Mainly, the tower of the temple stands out.

El Real Aqueduct

This structure of almost 300 meters was built in 1902 to convey water to the crops in the area.

This aqueduct was an innovation for its time, being an example of innovative industrial architecture.

The Argar and the Gerundia

In these two important archaeological sites, a multitude of discoveries have been made from different times in history. It is located on a hill near the Antas river, separated only by a small valley.

Archaeological samples have been found from the end of the Neolithic, towards the Chalcolithic, as well as from the Bronze Age.
These are considered among the most important archaeological sites in this area of the Iberian Peninsula.

Festivals and events

The most recognized festivals of Antas are those celebrated in honour of Saint Roch, on August 15 and 16. The Virgin of the Head is celebrated at the beginning of September with masses, festivals, and popular dances in a pilgrimage to Cabezo Maria.

Also noteworthy is the celebration, in February, of the Antas Medieval Market, where a large number of activities such as falconry shows, parades, and workshops take place.


The gastronomy in Antas is quite varied and succulent, as in the rest of the municipalities of the province of Almeria. If you are visiting Antas, you cannot miss trying the wheat and the “gurullos” (a dough of flour, water, and salt that is shaped similarly to rice grains, although larger). In Antas there is a long tradition of eating “gurullos” with partridge or rabbit.
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