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10 reasons to visit Huercal-Overa

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Main Square of Huercal-Overa
If you are planning to visit the province of Almeria, Huercal-Overa is a destination that you must include. Throughout history, Huercal-Overa has served as a bridge for different civilizations and today it offers the best tourist experience.

We present our 10 reasons to visit Huercal-Overa.

1. Church of Our Lady of the Assumption: The construction of this imposing religious building began in 1709 and was completed in 1739.

It is made up of a central nave with a half-barrel vault roof and two towers. Inside the church, its magnificent main altarpiece stands out. This place is Andalusian Historical Heritage and is free to access.

2. Main Square: This is the authentic nerve centre of the town. Also known as Constitution Square, it is a constant hotbed of locals and visitors who enjoy the essence of this beautiful Almeria town.
3. Holy Week: If you want to celebrate Holy Week in a big way, you should visit Huercal-Overa at this time of year.

Holy Week in Huercal-Overa has been declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest since 1983.

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4. Huercal-Overa Tower: The Huercal-Overa Nasrid Watchtower, also known as “The Castle”, is one of the most emblematic symbols of the city.

The Castle has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest and has recently been restored to highlight one of the most outstanding historical vertigations of Huercal-Overa.

5. Huercal-Overa Theatre: In contrast to the antiquity of the Nasrid Watchtower, we find this modern building, whose facade has been made of white marble of Macael.

6. Gastronomy: The gastronomy of this Almeria municipality is extremely rich and varied, offering a wide range of flavours and possibilities.

In Huercal-Overa, the ingredients and traditions of Almeria and Murcia are perfectly combined. Also noteworthy is the exquisite pastries from Huercal-Overa, among which stand out the desserts made specifically for the different local festivals, such as Christmas and Holy Week.
7. The Green Way: If you want to enjoy the exuberant nature of the province of Almeria, you cannot miss out on the Huercal-Overa Green Way.

It runs along the old route of the Almanzora railway, currently in disuse, between the urban centres of Almajalejo and Las Norias. This route has a length of 17 km and is fully equipped with rest areas, interpretive panels, parking for bicycles, viewpoints to enjoy the landscape ...
In short, it is an essential route to take during your visit to Huercal-Overa, ideal for walking or cycling.

8. Adolfo Suarez Park: Speaking of beautiful landscapes and the best places to relax on your visit to Huercal-Overa, we recommend that you enjoy this beautiful municipal park that has over 1,900 m².

It includes furniture and a play area where the little ones can enjoy themselves, as well as an extensive population of birds and a varied representation of plant species.

9. Castle of Saint Barbara: From the 13th century, this fortification was the guardian of the lands during the Nasrid reign, protecting them from the attacks of the Christians. Today it is in ruins on the hill of Saint Barbara.

10. Tapa Route: The professionals of the gastronomy of Huercal-Overa offer the public their best culinary creations every year, in a party that promotes the culture of “tapas” and that publicizes the bars and restaurants of this interesting Almeria municipality.
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