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10 reasons to visit Olula del Rio

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Sculpture of the Woman from Almanzora (Olula del Rio - Almeria)
The municipality of Olula del Rio has more than 6,000 inhabitants (data from 2020). It is located in the Almanzora Valley, and like several of the towns in the region, its economy is centred on the marble industry.

You can find many charming places in this municipality.

Without a doubt, your visit will be unforgettable thanks to the tourist sites of great beauty that this municipality of the Almeria province offers.
We present our 10 reasons to visit Olula del Rio.

1. Gastronomy. The gastronomy of Olula del Rio is varied and rich, as it is in the rest of the municipalities of the Almanzora Valley. It is based on typical dishes such as egg broth, gazpacho, different types of stews, sausages, and fried foods, with a few available by appointment only. Also noteworthy are its rich pastries, with delicacies such as Easter “roscos” and wine bagel.

2. Popular Festivals. The festivities in Olula del Rio, throughout the year, are perfect for you to enjoy your visit. The day of Saint Sebastian and Saint Ildephonsus stand out, every January 20 and 23, a festival declared of National Tourist Interest in Andalusia since 1998. Both saints process through the streets of the municipality while the population throws “roscos” from the balconies and windows. During the night, the inhabitants launch thousands of wheelbarrows, in an authentic fire and gunpowder festival.

3. Crafts. The craftsmanship in Olula del Rio stands out for its handling of marble—one of the fundamental pillars of the economy since time immemorial. The region of Almanzora Valley, mainly in Macael, Fines, and Olula del Rio, is closely linked to the extraction and moulding of marble, so that throughout the area we can find impressive pieces made of marble.
4. Casa Ibañez Museum.

The Casa Ibañez Museum of Olula del Rio was created between 1996 and 2004.

In this museum, you will see one of the most interesting collections of contemporary art in Andalusia.

It was inaugurated in 2004 and currently has an incredible collection of modern and contemporary Spanish art.
5. Perez Siquier Photography Centre.

In 2016, the famous Almeria photographer Carlos Perez Siquier gave his photographic archives and their management to the Ibañez-Cosentino Art Foundation, allowing the Perez Siquier Photography Centre to exist today.

Carlos Perez Siquier was a pioneer of the photographic avant-garde in Spain.
6. Church of the Assumption. This church dates from 1968. One of its greatest attractions is the main altar, which presides over the image of the Virgin of the Assumption of Mary.
7. Almanzora Woman Sculpture.

The Woman of Almanzora is an impressive sculpture that is eight meters high and made of white marble.

It is located in the open air and is a recognition of all the women of the Almanzora Valley.

It is a must-see in Olula del Rio.
8. Church of Saint Sebastian. Its Greek cross plan, in the neoclassical style, and its hollow dome date from the end of the 18th century. This church was designed by the architect Ventura Rodriguez between 1780 and 1789. Its main altar is presided over by the Christ of the Good Death.

9. Christ of the Good Death Hermitage. In the Hermitage Square, you can find the image of the Christ of the Good Death, a white marble sculpture of enormous beauty. It is a religious temple located in an industrial zone with the aim of protecting its workers.

10. Olula del Rio Greenway. The greenway runs through part of what was previously the Guadix-Almendricos railway line. This railway line stopped being used in 1985 and is currently an excellent outdoor space for walking or cycling.
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