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Alcolea, small castle in the Alpujarra

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Alcolea (Almeria)
Alcolea is a beautiful village located in the Alpujarra of Almeria. It stands out, among many other things, for its excellent traditional gastronomy.

The origins of this town are associated with the Muslim period of Al-Andalus. This is because its name comes from Arabic and means "small castle". It may be that, in those times, a defensive tower was built that had the role of presiding over and protecting the city.
The passage of the Arabs through these lands lasted about 800 years, during which time the area managed to reach high levels in the cultivation of olive trees, fruit trees, and various cereals. It stood out for the creation of irrigation systems that were sophisticated for the time.

It was one of the last territories to be reconquered by the reign of Castilla y León, in conjunction with the kingdom of Aragon. In 1856, a church was built with a Latin cross plan and a tower.
Lately, tourism is being given more importance, which has brought very good results.

What to visit in Alcolea

Church of Saint Sebastian

Located on Church Street, this is perhaps the most important tourist attraction in Alcolea. It is a Mudejar-style building built during the 16th century. It had to be reformed during the 17th and 18th centuries due to the damage caused during the rebellion of the Moorish.

Hermitage of St. Sebastian and St. Ildephonsus

This beautiful temple was built in the 18th century, between the years 1702 and 1709.
Hermitage of Saint Sebastian and Saint Ildephonsus (Alcolea - Almeria)
Like the Church of Saint Sebastian, it has a Mudejar style. Here, we can find the tourist office.


In Alcolea, there is a great variety of viewpoints from which we can enjoy pleasant views.

Highlights include the Viewpoint of the “Era de la Ermita” and the Viewpoint of the “Cerro de la Cruz”. Both allow you to observe the municipality from different angles so that you can enjoy beautiful views that merge the work of man and nature.

Do not forget to visit the Town Hall, a well-cared-for construction, the sculpture "Olivarero y Aceitunera", located in Church Square, and the various fountains scattered throughout town, such as “El Peral”, the “Lavadero” of the Church, and the New Fountain.

What to eat in Alcolea

Alcolea has a great variety of restaurants, among which soups, stews, and good meat preparation stand out. The main ingredient is the olive oil that is extracted in the place.

If you want to try one of the typical dishes of this place, the best thing to eat is “migas” or porridge and, of course, the “choto al ajillo”. As for pastries, we recommend the famous “hojuelas”.
Alcolea Travel Guide
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