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10 reasons to visit Nijar

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1. History: There are indications that the Phoenicians were some of the first settlers in Nijar. However, it was not until 1950, through the National Institute of Colonization, that several towns began to be inhabited that overlook the municipality. At present it is one of the most populated areas of Almeria. Agricultural activities were fundamental to this population growth.

2. Gastronomy: In the fields of Nijar, the traditional gastronomy developed as a result of the shortages that were experienced in times past and the generosity of the sea. Therefore, its most emblematic dish is garlic meat, where the presence of almonds denotes its Arab influence. Pork meats and stews are also part of the gastronomic repertoire of Nijar.

3. Water sports: This is one of the best ways to visit the coasts, especially the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park. There are several companies that are dedicated to water sports and guided tours. It is recommended that you train for a few months before tackling these, in case you have problems because of lack of strength in your arms.

4. Nijar Butterfly: The village also has a butterfly museum where you will see plants and butterfly species from different parts of the world. All this is accompanied by music and very friendly staff who will explain the whole process of butterfly development, from birth to metamorphosis. Its fountains are also part of the show and make this a unique and very relaxing place.

5. Diving and Snorkelling: If you are an expert in these sports or you want to venture deep into the sea, you can safely explore the snorkelling locations and learn about the fauna and flora of the sea.

6. The house of volcanoes: Another of Nijar's tourist attractions is this exploration centre in the gold mines of Rodalquilar. Here you will see a rather interesting exhibition of plants that were once in the area. Just a tip; if you go to this site, you will discover why some beaches have black sand.

7. Nijar Cactus: Although this is a local garden, some cacti are for sale. One of its attractions is the location, as it has vestiges of a desert and is an extremely attractive spot for taking pictures.
Isleta del moro

10. Bars and clubs: If in addition to being a little distracted, you like tapas and enjoy good times with friends, Nijar has several places where you can enjoy yourself in relaxed ways. The decor in the bars is usually charmingly individual and they offer meals at affordable prices.

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