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​Bayarque, wealth between mountains

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Bayarque (Almeria)
Bayarque is a cosy and quiet town located between the headwaters of High Almazora and the foothills of the Sierra de los Filabres, facing the Almanzora basin.

It has a beautiful plain watered by the Bacares River, which forms an impressive landscape next to the mountains that surround it, in which the urban nucleus is located, sheltered from the surrounding hills. The town is divided into two population centres separated by a promenade that runs through them: the town and the Hermitage neighbourhood.

It is a place full of beautiful landscapes, such as its lush pine forest on Monte del Coto and its Layon Park, surrounded by spectacular hills, full of majestic sunsets, inspiring views, and clean air far from all pollution and deafening traffic.


The origins of the town of Bayarque go back to a Moorish settlement from the 9th century. Its name is derived from the Arabic "bi-yarq", which means "on the promontory".
Before the revolts of 1568, its population consisted of 630 Moorish. The revolts ended with the expulsion of the Moorish and their subsequent repopulation by old Christians in 1572.

During 1868, the towns of Bayarque and Armuña were annexed to the municipality of Tijola. This practice was tried in many towns during the 19th century. This union (and subsequent separation) is still the cause of controversies and confrontations between the residents of the affected populations.

Economic Activity

Its economic activity has always revolved around the primary sector. Historical documents collect irrigated plantations in its plain, olive trees, almond trees, and vineyards, as well as plantations dedicated to obtaining silk and pastures for cattle grazing.

In some moments of its history, Bayarque enjoyed a certain mining boom thanks to exploitations of mercury, iron, or copper. However, these exploitations were abandoned due to lack of profitability.

Currently, the main economic activity is the cultivation of almond and olive groves. In general terms, it can be said that livestock and agriculture have not ceased to be the main economic sources.

What to visit

Bayarque (Almeria)

In its urban area, intricate alleys recall its Arab past. In the urban area, the Church of the Virgin of the Rosary stands out as a unique building. It was initially dedicated to the Virgin Mary, built in the 16th century, and remodelled on several occasions, although it still retains its charm. Another is the old house of the Marquis of Villena, to whose Lordship Bayarque belonged.

We can also enjoy nature in the El Cozo mountain, with an autochthonous Aleppo pine forest.
The Rosariera recreational area, located next to a road that leads to Bacares, has a fountain and various paths that facilitate excursions through the immediate sectors of Sierra de Filabres.

Other places to visit in Bayarque:
  • Fountain and place of the Layon
  • Cave of the Pigeon


Some of the popular Bayarque dishes are:
  • Pot of wheat
  • White stew
  • “Gurullos”
  • Porridge

For your next trip, do not hesitate to visit Bayarque. It will surprise you!
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