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​Beires, south of Sierra Nevada

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Beires (Almeria)
Beires is located opposite the Andarax Valley, in the Alpujarra of Almeria, south of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park. Beires is one of the least populated towns in the province of Almeria, but also a charming place located in a natural paradise thanks to its rich landscape, botany, and fauna.

Without a doubt, Beires is a place to relax, forget the stress of the city, and enjoy peace and tranquillity in contact with nature.

Beires Tourism

Thanks to its orography, Beires has a moderate climate compared to other towns in the area. It is generally not very cold in winter, and summers are less hot than the average for the area. Learn about the most visited tourist sites in Beires below.

Urban Centre and Centenary Khaki

On the main street is a garden where a spectacular persimmon grows, offering its fruits to visitors in autumn. That is a mandatory stop on our visit to the town.

Following the route, we arrive at the town square, from where we can see the curious composition of the town, divided into two neighbourhoods by the edge of the Nacimiento ravine.

This pit divides the town into the neighbourhoods of Zambron and Beires.
Walking through its streets, we can find jasmine or vines full of grapes used as an ingredient to make delicious sweetbreads, cooked in a wood oven, which we can buy at the bakery.

Castle of Beires

This has practically disappeared despite its declaration of Asset of Cultural Interest, with the category of Monument and a special recognition of the Council of Andalusia in 1993. This castle is also known as the Castle of the Moors, built by the Muslims, possibly in the first middle of the 13th century. Its function was the surveillance of the territory and its roads. It is classified as "Rock Castle" because its size was much smaller than that of a typical castle, due to its function as a watchtower.

Church of Our Lady of Mercy

Church of Our Lady of Mercy (Beires - Almeria)
This church is dedicated to the patron saint of the town, Saint Roch. It was built between 1676 and 1679 to replace the old one, which was located on top of the Beires hill and which had to be propped up due to its poor condition in 1673.

The construction of this church with a Latin cross plan was carried out with walls of caisson boxes. In front of the church is the tower, which in 1872 was raised with a new body of bells, taking advantage of the construction of a new head. Inside, it has half-barrel vaults in the nave and a dome in the transept.

Desamparados Hermitage

In the surroundings of the town of Beires is the Desamparados Hermitage. This hermitage is located between three towns: Beires, Almocita, and Padules.

It is also known as the hermitage of the three towns. Without a doubt, it is a place that all tourists should know.

Arroyo Recreational Area

From Beires, we can take the road that goes to Ohanes. From it is a dirt track that leads to the Recreational Area of El Arroyo, where we can enjoy an example of a Mozarabic garden (pomegranates, fig trees, olive trees, and almond trees). We will also find the source of a stream supplied by the snows of Sierra Nevada. Following the path, we will find the remains of a small citadel and a dirt track leading us to the ruins of the old mine loading sites.

The Pileta or Piletazo

The Pileta is a small pool dating back several centuries. Its waters have their origin in a small mine. Formerly, this pool provided water for the irrigation of the orchards, but today it has become a place for fun, being a well-known place in the surrounding towns. They also say that its waters, despite being very cold, have healing powers.

Gastronomy in Beires

Among the typical dishes of Beires we find:
  • The “Correas”, a stew of dried beans accompanied by rice, potatoes, and vegetables
  • Sardines “al minuto”
  • Easter fritters

Other typical dishes of Beires are the products obtained from the slaughter: blood sausage or sausages, among others.
Beires Travel Guide
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