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​Valentine's Day in the province of Almeria

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Couple kissing on the beach at sunset
Although celebrating love is a day-to-day thing, the truth is, we always get more romantic when Valentine's Day arrives. Each couple has its particular tastes, but when there is love, places become more special if you are with the person you love.

If you are in Almeria or are planning to visit it for Valentine's Day, we will leave you with some recommendations of romantic places to visit with your partner.

See the stars at the Calar Alto Astronomical Observatory: If you are interested in astronomy, this is an ideal place to visit with your partner and see star constellations together. It is located 2,100 meters above sea level.

You will be able to observe the sky without the annoying light pollution typical of the towns. Remember to book the visit in advance. On their website, you can find information about the activities that take place and reserve a place.
Girl holding hands in heart in a sunny beach
Enjoy the sunset from the Sirens Reef: The silence of this place is interrupted only by the sound of the waves breaking on the shore. At nightfall, it is dimly illuminated by the light of the stars and the lanterns of the sailboats at anchor.
Many declare their love in this place. The most daring even ask for their partner’s hand in marriage.
Visit the Alcazaba of Almeria: This is a place with thousands of years of history, whose walls frame passages with the best views of the city.
A romantic visit to this monument can be a good prelude to a romantic dinner in one of the excellent restaurants in the city.

Spend sunsets or nights in the Baños de Sierra Alhamilla: The view is simply spectacular and will be even more so when you enjoy it next to your loved one. For good reason, this site has been the filming location for many television commercials and movies. The thermal waters of the Hotel-Spa, used for millennia for their relaxing and medicinal properties, are sure to awaken the sensuality of a couple.

Visit the Perulico Tower in Mojacar: This is in perfect condition and is freely accessible, so you can make a spontaneous visit with your partner to that place full of history, which evokes romance with one of the best views of the Mojaquera coast.
Weekend in Almocita: It is worth spending a romantic weekend in Almocita, a town full of charm and culture, with its typical Moorish architecture and lime-washed walls, in which you will find murals and poetry. Walking it on foot hand in hand with your loved one is a wonderful experience that will make you feel more united.

Visit the Castle of Tabernas: Although it is located in the middle of the desert, it is still a place with magnificent views, in addition to being unusual, so it can be even more romantic to visit it with your partner.
Have a romantic dinner: As for restaurants, Almeria offers a wide variety of excellent restaurants with specialties of both local products and international food, so you will have multiple options to choose from. Then go out for a drink with anyone from the bars and clubs of the city of Almeria or any of its impressive towns.
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