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Hiking routes in Almeria

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Hiking is considered a non-competitive sporting activity that takes place in natural environments. It has the advantage that it can be practised by the whole family as it has a level of demand adaptable to all ages and physical conditions.

The province of Almeria, rich in natural beauty and lush landscapes, is an ideal place for hiking; its places, paths and trails offer the traveller a gift of pure air and visual beauty that accompanies him on his journey.

Throughout the territory of Almeria we find such a diversity of routes that enables us to choose paths that are short, long, rocky, romantic, suitable for children and the elderly, and even paths that evoke movie sets.
Tabernas desert (Almeria)
The Andalusian Mountaineering Federation has approved the network of routes in Almeria, and the institution has worked to ensure that almost all corners of great beauty have a path nearby that allows people to travel them.

We can now highlight some of the best hiking trails in the province of Almeria, and although we cannot name them all, we can say that these are the most visited:

Requena Trail

It starts in the surroundings of the Isleta del Moro and leads to the interior of the spectacular Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park. This route offers you a spectacular aerial view of the coast, showing also the ravines of "Negro" and "Requena", where the indigenous European Palm tree "Palmito" stands out.

Desert Trail (PR-A 269)

On this route you can enjoy a journey through an arid landscape of mysterious beauty, through a flat path that crosses the ravines of the Tarbernas desert, which has been the scenery for many western films.

Las Acequias del Río (SL-A 181)

It offers trekkers 3 types of landscapes: semi-desert, abundant vegetation and fertile plains. It is easy to travel, ideal to go with your family, walking along the irrigation channels of the Andarax river valley. This route allows you to explore 3 typical Alpujarra´s localities such as Fondon, Benecid and Fuente Victoria.

Crater de la Granatilla - Isabel II Marsh

This varied circular route offers trails, tracks and cross country, revealing the Isabel II marsh; a 19th century hydraulic work of great importance. There are also the “Hoyazo de Nijar” or the “Crater de la Granadilla”, which is nothing more than the remains of an underwater volcano that dates back millions of years, eroded and contoured by a coral reef.

Mining route (SL-A 77)

It is a journey through the mining past of Bedar that allows us to discover the railroad, mines and other mining facilities that had their splendour during the 19th century. It is a varied route full of tunnels.

Path of the hydroelectric (PR-A 36)

It runs through the hydroelectric channel that used to generate electricity for the towns of the Andarax river valley. It is one of the most beautiful areas of the Sierra Nevada and the Alpujarra, since it has one of the best preserved forests with robust pines and holm oaks, where you can also observe other cultivation areas.

Las Menas - El Pozo de Las Nieves

This route crosses areas of pine forests and allows you to visit the old mining town of "Las Menas" and later "El Pozo de Las Nieves", where snow was stored before being sold to different populations. It has really spectacular views of the Almanzora Valley and the north of the Sierra de los Filabres.
Panoramic view of Velez-Blanco (Almeria)
As can be seen, the network of routes for hiking in the province of Almeria allows you to spread your wings while on a pleasant excursion.

The visitor is privileged by the landscape diversity offered by this beautiful area of Spain, with the options of being able to enjoy the beaches, deserts, frozen areas, rich vegetation and dense forests.
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